Yoon Kye Sang


The first drama I saw YKS in was the drama Who Are You? (2008). I thought he was really handsome ♥♥♥ I have been following his dramas ever since^^ I love his eyes ♥ He has this trademark smile that appears in every drama – I love it and it always makes me smile^^ His ears tend to be a bit pointed on the top lol – I think he has nice eyes, a cute smile^^ & his voice is appealing ♥ So let me introduce to his dramas:


Beyond the Clouds (2014)

He plays Jung Se Ro/Lee Eun Soo – in this drama he is framed for killing a man he didn’t. In order to get revenge, he works with his dads con-men and hopes to pull a big one as payment. But in the process he falls for the fiancée of the man he was accused of killing (sounds a bit similar to Crazy for You right? – well it is similar but they are both very different at the same time (C4U it was his fault but on this drama he was framed) – YKS fits these roles very well. *Both he and Han Ji Hye have the same pointed ears* I think this is one of his best dramas.


Crazy For You (2007)

He plays Kim Chae Joon who accidentally kills a man. He falls in love with a airplane technician who he later finds out was the fiancée of the man he killed. It was a beautiful, emotional drama; it made me cry a lot – especially in the later episodes. I really felt for his character in this drama. He’d connect your heart to his and make you feel so much love and hurt. Another one of his best works.


Road No.1 (2010)

Yoon Kye Sang plays Shin Tae Ho (the second lead). This drama is about the Korean War. As it goes through the first year of the war, we see the separation of loved ones, the yearning to get back home, friendships built, friends lost in war, and lots of bromance between the men – especially between So Ji Sub and Yoon Kye Sang’s Characte rs. The first half of this drama I’d get mad at YKS but as soon as we reached the middle I started to like him ;). There is romance too – but it’s not shown as much as the male bonding is – although it is a very intricate part of the drama. It’s there all the time under the surface. I recently finished this drama and loved every minute of it. Anyone who is interested in the Korean war should check this drama out.


Who Are You? (2008)

He plays Cha Seung Hyo who, after being in an accident, gets possessed by Go Ah Ra‘s dad’s spirit. It’s pretty funny and YKS does a wonderful job playing his role ;). I only had one issue with it and it’s the fact that her dad’s spirit kinda did whatever he wanted to with this young guy’s body and I didn’t find that right. So YKS character gets “used” by our leading girls dad for a few hours everyday – he ends up meeting the dad’s daughter because of this and in turn falls for her.


The Greatest Love (2011)

Yoon Kye Sang plays Yoon Pil Joo, he’s a doctor (plastic surgeon – if I’m remembering right) and is again our second lead. I started this drama for him, but in the process fell for our leading male – how couldn’t I? He was too cute with what he did!^^ I ended up shipping the second leads together. Other cast members out-shined him in this drama but I still enjoyed him in it. This drama tells about a romance between a former girl group singer and an actor who has “heart” problems; he is drawn to her and doesn’t know why until he finds out he heard one of her old songs during his surgery. He makes up thousands of excuses to see her and lies to himself in the process of falling in love


LAST (2015)

Jang Tae-Ho is an up-and-coming fund manager, but fails in a stock market scheme. A gang goes out after Jang Tae-Ho to recoup their investment and Jang Tae-Ho has nowhere to go. He becomes a homeless and stays around Seoul Station with other homeless men. He learns that there is a ranking system among the homeless and struggles to survive. I’m loving this drama! I’ve been watching it since it started – I wait for it every week 😀 I’m really hoping for a romance to blossom between his character and the nurse/food helper girl ;D



She Is Nineteen (2004)

Yoon Kye Sang plays Kang Seung Jae (Kim Jae Won’s younger brother). Both guys have lead roles but I think YKS is the actual lead lead. Anyways, this is a drama about a girl who was abandoned at the age of 4 by her mother’s friends. She grows up with a sick adoptive brother and has a hard life. She meets the brothers of the one who abandoned her and they fall in love with her. But what happens when she finds out who they are? I watched it and honestly it’s kind of repetitious – I liked the first 5 episodes and a couple towards the end but everything in-between was just draggy.


Triple (2009)

Yoon Kye Sang plays Kang Hyun Tae – a guy who falls for his best friend’s ex-wife. I honestly didn’t care for this drama and would never watch it again. It’s supposed to be about the girl in the middle who wants to become a ice skater but who struggles to get there. I honestly didn’t feel it; it was more about her liking her much older step-brother and all her whining about it. There are other side stories involving the two other friends, but I wouldn’t invest my time into it if I were you because it’s just not worth it. Although Song Joong Ki appears in this drama for about 1 minute every episode and his scenes were always cute (but still not enough to watch this drama for) lol.


High Kick 3 (2011)

As himself – I tried this drama but it is too much of a sitcom for me…I may try a few more episodes out though later on to see if it gets better because there are quite a few actors in this drama that I like…but we’ll see…


                             The smile I love^^


Personal Info: Born Dec 20, 1978, Blood Type: O, Height: 6’0″, Weight: 62kg



His fame started when he was a member of SK pop group called g.o.d (which stood for “Groove Overdose”) which debuted in 1999. He left the band before their sixth album & the rest of the band disbanded after their seventh album. He started acting in 2004. (G.O.D recently re-grouped).

Members from left to right: Kim Tae Woo (there’s no link for him but he did guest star in ‘My Lovely Girl’), Son Ho Young (back), Joon Park (front blonde hair), Danny Ahn & Yoon Kye Sang ♥ (My bias in this group is Son Ho Young).


In Dec of ’00 as a member of g.o.d he received a poisoned drink from a supposed “fan”; his mother ended up drinking it and had to have her stomach pumped. What a cruel “fan”…

Some of g.o.d’s songs:

To My Mother – My favorite g.o.d song ♥♥♥

Saturday Night – New song

Sky Blue Promise – New song

ies – (YKS sings first in this song)^^


Love & Memory

Road (Gil)


Reason Why Opposites Attract

Propose (LIVE)




This concludes my article on Yoon Kye Sang, I hope you’ll check out his dramas and music because of it^^


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