Guide to Han Ji Hye


The first drama I saw Han Ji Hye in was either East of Eden or Sweet 18; I honestly can’t remember which one was the first. But as soon as I saw her I immediately liked her style of acting. She looks natural in all of her roles. She is very pretty and slender and I love her voice. Her eyes are dazzling too.


^Photoshoot with actor Lee Min Ho (kind of makes me want to see them star in a drama together ^-^)



So let me introduce you to some of my favorite dramas she starred in: 

East of Eden

Han Ji Hye plays the role of Kim Ji Hyun, the wife of Shin Myeong Hun (Park Hae Jin). Her character is quite complicated. She wasn’t in love with her husband at the start of the drama. She also tends to be a bit harsh at times (some of it is reasonable, but some of it was just her hate speaking through). She was childhood friends with two brothers of a poor mom and romantically involved with one of them. Myeong Hun wanted to be their friend, but he always got pushed away because of who his “father” was.


Sweet 18 DhpOZS-451

Han Ji Hye plays a naive school girl Yoon Jung Sook. She fell in love at first sight with Kwon Hyuk Joon (Lee Dong Gun) just because he was wearing traditional clothing and reading old literature (for some reason she is fascinated by this stuff). Later both of them find out that their grandparents had arranged for them to get married when they grew up. Of course she is delighted with the idea, but Hyuk Joon only sees in her a girl who barely graduated high school, while he is already a well-known prosecutor! The drama shows how they start to care for each other and how an arranged marriage can sometimes be a sweet thing 😉 It’s quirky, especially at the beginning, but also it’s sweet and cute to watch. I’m currently watching it for the 3rd time ❤


Cloud Stairs 

I loved this drama, it was very romantic. Han Ji Hye plays the role of Yoon Jung Won whose father owns a hospital. She is engaged to be married, but not in love with her fiance. Then by chance she meets Choi Jung Soo (Shin Dong Wook) and is drawn to him. He is a man denied help at a hospital, so he takes matters in his own hands to destroy the hospital’s reputation. However, he falls in love with Yoon Jung Won.



Beyond the Clouds 

Han Ji Hye plays Han Young Won, a daughter of a jewelry company. The drama shows how she meets and falls in love with a man who was falsely accused of killing her former fiance. She never ceases to amaze me with her acting. Her portrayal of being hurt and yet falling in love again was simply beautiful.


May Queen

Han Ji Hye plays Chun Hae Joo  She was paired with Kim Jae Won in this drama, and I loved them together. I liked their characters the best. The only problem I had with it was that she was in love with the second lead for too long. She plays a girl who dreams of working in the shipbuilding industry. There is revenge, birth secrets, romance, and more 😉



Likeable or Not

If you enjoy long family dramas, then you should definitely try this one. Han Ji Hye plays a business woman who works for Baek Ho’s (played by Kim Ji Suk) step-dad’s company. She is a great leader at work, but also a very naive person when it comes to romantic relationships (sometimes I really wondered, if she is that dumb). But overall, there wasn’t anything that got on my nerves – even though it’s 172 episodes long ;D. It was worth watching for Han Ji Hye’s part^^


The Mighty Gift

This is a 2 episode drama special, very easy to watch. Han Ji Hye’s character, Kim Ha Yeon, is a blind college student. Because of an accident on her way to school, she meets Gu Woo Ram, a police officer. Han Ji Hye’s character was strong, but tender as well. I thought this drama special was put together very well and enjoyable to watch – nothing felt rushed and I loved the ending.


The Secret Lovers

Ha Ji Hye plays Seo Yeong Ji. She goes as a replacement on a blind date and she is supposed to turn the guy off, but they end up being a hit and start dating. This drama has really good pacing – nothing drags, the entire cast is enjoyable, and the OST is amazing. I love the relationship between Ji Hye and Kim Suk Hoon.


The Legendary Witch

It’s about 4 women whose lives cross when they are serving a sentence in prison.  Afterwards they decide to open a bakery together (of course there is romance too). I watched this while it was airing, Loved the male lead and the secondary couple Do Jin & his girl (the small one on the far right) – the main romance was good but for some reason I couldn’t feel Han Ji Hye’s acting… she looked stiff and awkward throughout the drama and she had her hair parted in the center which does NOT help her face shape… :/ (But It might just be me who thought like this) I liked some of this but overall I was disappointed.


I Summon You, Gold!

Han Ji  Hye plays 2 very different characters, Jung Mong Hee and Yoo Nawho, who look alike (obviously lol). This drama gets many negative comments, but despite that I am still going to watch it, just for her… when I’m in the right mood to start it.

What Happened On an Island?  – as Hong Eun Soo
She plays a person who witnessed a murder and has to go under witness protection with the detective in charge of the case. (sounds great to me – I need to find this drama a.s.a.p.)

The Duo as Dong Nyeo

It’s about 2 men of different social status that get switched at birth and grow up to become partners. Then both of them fall in love with the same woman, played by Ji Hye (there are negative comments about this drama but I still want to watch it for HJH and LSY).

Blades of Blood -as Baek Ji – It’s about the plight of men from the lower classes of society who fight for social equality. I plan to watch this soon for HJH (she got the role because of her single eyelids 😉 ) I watched this drama and I didn’t really enjoy her role as much as I did the lead guy Baek Seung Hun’s role – Him and his buddy made me laugh on several occasions 😛

She was born June 29, 1984. She is 171 cm tall and blood type A.



She dated her co-star of Sweet 18 and My Boyfriend is Type B for 4 years. They broke up in 2008. In 2010 she got married to a public prosecutor 🙂



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