A Stalker’s Guide to Han Ye Seul

Woah, I missed this girl so much! After 3 long years, she’s finally back on our small screens!

She’s a true beauty, isn’t she? And not only that she has a beautiful body shape and her gorgeous eyes are so mesmerizing that personally speaking If I was a male would totally have a crush on her.

Han Ye Seul is born on September 18 1982 and raised in California, LA under the name Leslie Kim. Later, she moved in Seoul, Korea and started her carrer as a model by entering the competition which she had won in 2001.

Let me introduce you to her projects:

Couple or trouble


Have you seen American movie “Overboard?” If you have, did you like it? If the answer is yes, then there’s no doubt that you’ll not like this remake of it. This is a drama when I first saw her and she played such a goofy and funny role, which I guessed got me interested in her. The story is about rich, spoiled and rude girl Anna who is married to a cowardly husband Billy Park(Kim Sung Min). but not happy in her marrige. When her yacht got stuck for repairs, she hires Jang Chul Soo played by Oh Ji Ho to repair it, but  they ended up arguing and fighting with each other. But, what happens when she suddenly loses her memories? And how will Jang Chul Soo take advantage of it? Want to know? Watch it!


A.K.A War of flowers


Aigoooo I liked this drama so much! Great action, romance(very light) and the best part is Jang Hyuk whose acting was spectacular as always! A big plus is gambling concept which this show held my interest entirely! HYS plays a childhood sweetheart of Jang Hyuk and first love interest of Kim Min Joon. Drama full of twists, great acting crew and Jang Hyuk as a bad*** is totally not to miss! You’re in a mood for an action and revenge? This is what you’re looking for 😉

Will it snow for Christmas?


Personally speaking, Christmas is the best holiday of the year for me! It gives you a heartwarming and warm feeling, you feel safe and loved by your family, lover and friends.

The title itself got me curious and I started watching it. First 4 episodes are childhood parts, which I loved it(probably the best part of this drama, cause I found myself re-watching from time to time that episodes) and they are played by Kim Soo Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun as a younger main leads. After that the story became boring and repetite, but oh well their screen time together was great. Chemistry is sweet, nice and warming just like Christmas and mama mia Go Soo is one hot, sexy and gorgeous man that I’ve ever seen. It was my first time seeing him and believe it or not, but from the first scene I feel in love with him. HYS was simply amazing heroine and I’m so glad that she  worked with such talented actor as Go Soo.

Myung Wol the Spy


The BEST drama of her so far! Since action and spies are the genres that excite me, I knew that this will not dissappoint me. And I was so right! Right from the start, it got me interested, curious and I watched it in one sitting. What is it about?

North Korean spy Han Myung Wol potrayed by Han Ye Seul goes to South Korea in a mission to kidnap top Hallyu star Kang Woo potrayed by Eric. But when real feelings get in a way how will she carry her mission? And when her superior Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook) starts falling for her as well, what might happen? Wanna’ know? Feel free to watch it! Believe me, you won’t regret it. Their chemistry is so passionate, real and natural, one of the best in dramaland. Acting is really good, OSTs are greats and I found myself re-watching 3 times. So, yes that’s how much I love this drama. It has a special place in my heart… one of those dramas that you can’t easily forget ❤

My favourite OST from this drama! I just love Bobby Kim’s voice ^^

Birth of a Beauty


Currently airing drama and so far so good! When you first read the synopsis, you might find it weird and unreasonable(which is and that’s why I only support plastic surgeries in Korea), but when you get more and more into the story and it’s characters, you’ll find yourself intertwined with them and you’ll be watching it for enterntaint and joy. And besides, story gets really interasting when you pass the first 4 episodes and isn’t Joo Sang Wook enough?

Projects that I haven’t seen(mostly because there are no subs)

That Summer Typhoon(2004)

Nonstop 4


Miss Gold Digger – Nothing special, weird.

Penny Pinchers– Liked this movie! Co-starred together with Song Joong Ki.


She has worked with a really great actors, that’s what you think, right? Well, you’re totally right. I can agree on that! She’s talanted, so why miss a chance and not represent her to you? Hope you enjoyed!

PS: I so want that coat!^^


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