Im Soo Hyang


I first saw Im Soo Hyang on I do, I do, a 2012 MBC drama.

She played a second lead role, but her story and character caught my interest and with every episode I started wondering what this actress has that I like. And since then I started stalking her and she became one of my favorite actresses. As a woman I’m also admired by the body shape she has, a wonderful smile and long beautiful legs^^

So let me introduce you to Im Soo Hyang’s projects: 

I do, I do


As I said before a drama I do, I do introduced me to this beautiful actress. She played  Im Nam Ri, a Vice Director of a shoe company. She has a soft heart, but since she’s been struggling through life, she covers it with a cold personality. This drama wasn’t the best, but it was good for relaxing and enjoying in each character and their stories. She co-starred with Kim Sung Ah and Lee Jang Woo.



As a sucker for an action dramas/movies this was a drama that I feel hard for Im Soo Hyang. In IRIS 2 she plays  one sexy killer! Gosh, she was a real badass in there and I personally think that this kind of roles suits her the BEST! With her partner Lee Bum Soo she had one of the best boy/girl friendships and partnerships. I was intrigued by their story and  the characthers the played, in fact the whole drama was worth watching and very enjoyable! I was happy watching her working one of the greatest actors such as Jang HyukLee Da Hae and more.

Inspiring Generation


Inspiring generation aka Generation of youth is a beautiful saguek so far, set in a very interasting time with fights between China and Japan, who both have desire to control more lands. And I can proudly say that this was the BEST role of Im Soo Hyang so far! She plays Deguchi Gaya, a charismatic beauty with deadly charm. She tries to take revenge on Shin Jung Tae, played by Kim Hyun Joong, but since we all know that there’s a thin line between love and hate, she falls in love with him instead. Her character was so strong, passionate, cold, but on the other side warm, soft and caring. If you didn’t watch this drama, do it and you’ll meet one of the strongest female characters that you’ve seen so far.

New Tales of Gisaeng


Her debut drama and also one of the great family dramas. It was my first 50+ drama and I totally fell in love with it. New Tales of Gisaeng tells a story about Dan Sa Ran, who after many obstacles in life becomes a gisaeng and learns a lesson about life, love and hope. It is a very good family to just sit back, watch and enjoy! Also not to forget to mention, one of the rarest chemistry in dramaland. She’s partnered with Sung Hoon and their on screen time was so real, passionate and sweet. Don’t miss it if you want to see the first role of this wonderful actress!^^

I can talk about her all day, but let’s stop here! If you haven’t seen some of these dramas and you like Im Soo Hyang, do it, cause in every project she played a role that it’s worth spending your time on ^^
And for the end, here’s a commercial she did with a hottie Song Joong Ki. Enjoy! 😀



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