My journey to asian dramas

Floating building on Han River (Korea)

So let me tell you how my addiction started. Jackie Chen has been my idol since childhood and still is and even though I had watched all of his movies I never got interested in that culture nor I paid attention to it. But, 3 years ago  this culture strucked me once again quite suddenly. I was watching anime ‘Mermaid Princess’ with my lil bro from aunt, just to keep him company. But, then I somehow got interested in that anime and started searching it on google. I found it, watched it and got curious more and more about other animes. And then I found anime called ‘Itazura na kiss’ and in a comments down below I read that there’s a live version(drama) of this anime called ‘Playful kiss’. Mamma mia, when I found out about it, I immediately googled it and watched it. And guess what? Since then I got totally addicted to it, like a drug, but oh very beautiful drug.

Chrisstina ^^

Favorite drama of all time is “Secret love”

That story, THE BEST HOT stalker, that woman, those OSTs, the feelings I got while watching it… no other drama will succeed to change it!


3 thoughts on “My journey to asian dramas

  1. I am really in love with Korean Drama’s as of late. Every since netflix started adding a good chunk of the old favorites on there I have been on spree’s of re-watching all of them!

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